Book Owl Thoughts #1

“I’m going to Europe,” I say.

BOOK: The Disenchantments

AUTHOR: Nina LaCour

The main character, Colby, reminds me of myself. In so many ways, he’s my guy version. Just like him, I have this inkling that I can make my dreams come true but then life happens and most of the time, I doubt myself. I doubt I can figure out my present. And to me, present is what matters the most because let’s face it: You can’t do anything about the past because you have already done it and the future is too far away that I don’t want to just keep dreaming about it. I want the now and everything that it can offer. Maybe one day, everything will just fit together and I will be able to make my life as colorful as I want it to be. I just have to reread this book every time I doubt myself.


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