Shopping Owl Thoughts #1

So I thought about it a lot of times and I know that books can be expensive but then I realized I would need a lot of books to help me last a year doing everything that I would soon be doing. I need to stay focused on leaving this hellhole (Yes, I’m not happy where I am right now! Manila just isn’t my home.). And since my priority, my ultimate goal, the one that I want the universe (and God, of course!) to give me is: to travel around the world, live in a different country and start the life I want to have there, wherever that is.

So anyway, here’s what I’ve decided that I will collect:

#1 S.A.S.S.: WESTMINSTER ABBY ISBN: 9780142404133 P 294

#2 S.A.S.S.: SOUND OF MUNICH, THE ISBN: 9780142405765 P 280

#3 S.A.S.S.: WHEN IRISH GUYS ARE SMILING (PB) ISBN: 9780142410165 P 294

#4 S.A.S.S.: GIRL OVERBOARD ISBN: 9780142407998 P 315

#5 S.A.S.S.: SWEDE DREAMS ISBN: 9780142407462 P 294

#6 S.A.S.S.: SPAIN OR SHINE ISBN: 9780142403686 P 336

#7 S.A.S.S.: NOW AND ZEN ISBN: 9780142406571 P 336

#8 S.A.S.S.: GREAT CALL OF CHINA ISBN: 9780142411346 P 299

#9 S.A.S.S.: FRENCH KISSMAS ISBN: 9780142411339 P 299

#10 S.A.S.S.: GETTING THE BOOT ISBN: 9780142404140 P 299

#11 S.A.S.S.: HEART AND SALSA ISBN: 9780142406472 P 294

#12 S.A.S.S.: THE FINNISH LINE ISBN: 9780142409169 P 280

#13 S.A.S.S.: UP OVER DOWN UNDER ISBN: 9780142410561

#14 S.A.S.S.: PARDON MY FRENCH ISBN: 9780142404591



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