Life Owl Thoughts #2

What type of person do you always unconsciously go for?

For me, it’s the athletes AND the sporty guys. Those guys with a great sense of humor, overly flirty nature, the guys that would make great best friends and of course, the guys with a training every damn day. Yes, I’m one of those girls who is in love with sports and always end up liking that asshole. Pun totally intended, let’s not lie everyone. Sports give birth to great bitches and awesome assholes. And I’m sporty so yes, I have bitchy tendencies.

I admit that sports is great for everyone because it keeps them healthy inside out. But there is something about sports that can make you have that confidence that you can do whatever you want. Maybe because it boosts the ego? Because let’s face it, in yoga TONS of poses are hard and if you’re able to do one of the hardest, you would want to go outside the studio and scream to everyone that you’ve FUCKING done it. You would want to brag! Truth? Or untruth?

So let’s go back to the topic, do you know why you always unconsciously go for someone? Do you feel like you have no choice? That by saying “he/she’s just my type” should be enough to explain everything. Truth is: WE ALL HAVE A CHOICE. A choice to go for the usual or to go for the unknown. At first, the unknown seems to be the most tempting because it is the unknown. You feel like it is some undiscovered island. But then, the usual will pop out of nowhere and no matter how hard you try to shrug it off, you can’t. Because you know in your heart what it is. Hell, you know it too well to not recognize it. The problem is not knowing if it’s good for you. If it’s just the thing that can help you breakaway from the cage you’re held in. I wish I know the answer, really. Because no matter how bitchy I am I know what it is like to feel so confused you just want to close your eyes, sleep and pray so hard that everything that happened will be buried forever and that there won’t be any available shovel to dig it out.


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