Life Owl Thoughts #4

Those songs that shoot my heart so hard, my eyes start pouring out salty water…

Doors closed, windows shut. I’m crying while writing this. I cry because the lyrics of this song hits home. Yes, I’m that girl. The girl who is in a corner trying to put it all together. I’m in that stage where love is just an illusion. Crazy? No. I bet a million of people will agree with me when I say it’s hard to get fixed once you’re used to getting broken. Once your heart is used to being smashed, finding the little pieces, fixing it, seems too much to ask. It’s hard to fix something that’s ruined, you know. The ruined just keep on ruining whatever it touches. It’s inevitable. Truth hurts, honey.

So to all those future guys that I would meet, unless I know you’re the one for me…believe me when I say I don’t give a damn about you.



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