Bikini Body.

So nice! Inspiring even.

whiny baby

Kim Cattrall recently made news by saying she’s been on a diet since 1974.  Websites, blogs and tabloids have been heralding that quote with lots of exclamation points and smiley faces, as if being obsessed with your food intake for cosmetic reasons for 39 years is a huge accomplishment.  That does not impress me – in fact, it makes me sad.  Just think of all of the food she has wanted to eat, but decided she was too fat for.  That this fat shaming happened in her life is upsetting.  That this fat shaming is lauded as some marvelous achievement is disgusting, especially considering that the daily battle with food is fought by women everywhere.

The other day, a friend at work went to lunch and brought back a huge bowl of cookies.  I was stuffing peanut butter cookie number two into my face when she saw me and…

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