Life Owl Thoughts #5

Plan: Getaway, spend time together, just go wherever we feel like going, do whatever we feel like doing

What happened: watched iron man out of the blue, bought fancy accessories from a girly store, went to a precint to help a friend out, got stuck in traffic for THREE HOURS, listened to a lot of songs that shot our hearts HARD and was able to make friends with the Korean kids from the van in front of the car

Who I was with: MY BEST FRIEND.

How random can a day get, you ask? Well, let me tell you this: you can never tell what’s just around the corner. My best friend is the type of person who is up for anything, as long as she likes it. She is an adventurer. She does what she feels like doing, and that is only one of her awesome traits. She maybe flawed but she’s too awesome, that her flaws can be easily dismissed. I, on the other hand, is the sneaky girl. I would say anything as long as it will helps me escape home or whatever it is that I want to escape from. Together, we make a great team. In silence, we’re comfortable. In noise, we’re unstoppable. We banter for hours and hours and hours. We don’t hold back, we read each others expressions and easily understand what the other is feeling. I guess that’s what real friendship is like, you know? You can be you and you won’t be judged. Hell, you can have the worst voice on earth and still be loved. It’s not everyday that you meet someone and become best friends with them. It took years for us to be THIS close, but really it feels like we just met yesterday. But truth be told, I was not really expecting this friendship at all. She and I are too different yet too alike.  It’s complicated; but it’s the good kind. And every day, I thank God for it.


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