Life Owl Thoughts #6

It seems that I cannot grasp my dreams.

Lately I have been waking up feeling empty, scared and whatnots. I cannot explain any of them. I feel like some are too real while some are too blur. The feelings they leave me is the only evidence I’ve got that proves I am not lying to myself. I do not know what to make out of it, really. I wake up in the middle of the night or too early in the morning feeling a little tired like I went to war or something close enough.

To be honest, most of the time, it feels like there’s an inexplicable battle between my body and my soul lately. The former wants me to look and work with the now while the latter tells me what would be. Both, however, leaves me an ache of wanting to know what has been happening to me. Maybe it’s just out of anxiousness because I would be starting school soon in a place I am familiar with but with no familiar faces to talk to. I would be a ghost walking in the old hallways I once called hangout. Oh what would happen to me? What does the future have for me? Why is fate testing me? What’s your plan, God? Give me a sign, please.


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