Fit Owl Thoughts #1

Muscle Memory: it is your body’s way of remembering what it can do and what it does. 

(source: My beautiful smart best friend)

So today, after my two weeks workout semi-hiatus (because I still try to do Pilates and Yoga here and there) due to my hospitalization, I went to Youtube and looked for a workout that’s short. Something that will help me get back in my regime slowly. Usually, I do those Tone It Up workouts because IT KILLS MY MUSCLES EVERYWHERE. But since, it’s a weekend, I gave it a rest. Instead, I just browsed through Youtube and came across XHIT Daily. I saw the Navy Seal Workout (8 minutes only!) and was like “Oh that’s good! Just 8 minutes.” It started with those damn jumps, then those lunges, then the mountain climbers, then the superman and then the sit-ups (which I changed to double crunches because of my Scoliosis). The whole thing was done only twice BUT OH MY FUCKING GOD, I was out of BREATH. I literally crashed on my mat, happy that it is done. But would I repeat it again? HELL YES. The challenge it gave me was too great to pass.

Anyway, I had to do yoga after for like 10 minutes just to make sure my body is all calm. I squeezed in a little Pilates too, to make sure my back is safe. Oh what workout I just had. Damn this. It truly challenged my athlete’s heart rate (I found I have one when I was at the hospital and the nurse asked if I am an athlete! LOL It was an achievement for me, I was so happy! So I am not letting that go, ever).


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