Not Another Post About Pretty Girls

Just awesome.

Thought Catalog

Yes, another post about pretty girls. Before you sigh and cringe and get ready to spew general disdain, I’m not here to humblebrag or tell you about pretty girl syndrome or pretty girl problems. When we talk about the “pretty girl” as a phenomenon, there are some fundamental questions that surround the discussion: What is a pretty girl? Who decides what a pretty girl is? And what are we to do about it?

The discourse of what constitutes a pretty girl is paradoxically both exhausted and insufficient. We all know and we all talk about how privileged certain conceptions of beauty are over others – whiteness is one example, thinness is another example. The media and we, the people, are continuously shaping and re-shaping the constructions to privilege people with certain features and attributes over others. We are all culprits. We don’t like to think that we participate in the…

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