Life Owl Thoughts #7

I am insecure too but you don’t hear me complain all the time, do you?

To you: You know, as a human being capable of bottling up shit because you matter to her, I am fed up with all these things you have been complaining. Honestly, I’d talk bullshit anytime soon. Do not push me.

Oh if only people know that some of their friends can only take so much, you know? Then everybody would have a friend. Hell, maybe we would all be friends. I hate bad vibes and that is probably one of my weaknesses but come on, what good will that do to you? Sulk so much and then what? The problem’s still there. It won’t go away. You just got to have to learn how to deal with it. Deal with it every damn fucking day if you must just do not go all vocal about everything ALL THE TIME. One or twice or thrice is enough. But every damn day…that would be like 365 times? or more if it’s a leap year! What the fuck.


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