41 Little-Known Facts About ‘The Bling Ring’

The Bling Ring, definitely something I wanna watch and read.

Thought Catalog

1. When asked by People Magazine if she wanted to comment on her involvement with the burglaries, Courtney Ames’ response was “nope BYEEEEE.”

2. In their very first celebrity robbery Nick Prugo and Rachel Lee targeted Paris Hilton because they thought she was “dumb.” Arriving at her house they discovered a key underneath the doormat, which was unnecessary as the house was unlocked. They also accessed Audrina Patridge’s home through an unlocked door.

3. Nick Prugo found $1,800 in crumpled bills at the bottom of Paris Hilton’s handbags.

4. Before moving on to celebrity homes, Nick Prugo and Rachel Lee did a nightly activity they called “checking cars”—checking the doors of cars in wealthy communities to see if they’d been unlocked. They found as much as $600 in cash in unlocked cars.


5. The kids were so good at burglarizing that they found a hiding…

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