As The Daughter…

My parents are one of those traditional Asian parents where they do not want their kids speaking their minds. They HATE the fact that we have an opinion. And honestly, THAT IS JUST SO WRONG. They’re afraid of fights and that sucks because fights make a bond strong, doesn’t it? This is what I envy so much with the Americans and the Europeans. Their kids speak up, they’re not treated as some dumbass shit that can just be easily dismissed. Oh how I wish I could leave home now just so I will know to actually love my family. (I know that sucks by the way. But I need to get away from all of them…I just have to)


3 thoughts on “As The Daughter…

  1. I have the same problem but the only difference is that my family is arabic, and what’s even worse the country I live in prohibit once right, sometime I even think about leaving my home and running away but that’s not the right solution, I decided to finally to study better to get a schoolar ship and leave and have a better life, may you be guided to find your ways, and YOU’RE NOT ALONE, don’t lose hope buddy.

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