The 5 New Disney Princesses We Need

Listen up, Disney.

Thought Catalog

1. Princess Business Magnate

This Princess has places to go, things to see, and solid gold ladders of success to climb. She is far too busy achieving all of her dreams of industry and creation to worry about things like boys, or mean gossip, or what some sweaty peasant popping his head out of the provincial village window might be thinking of her. Her professional goals include:

1. Getting enough autonomy in her field to command a good work-life balance
2. Creating space for more Princesses to enter the industry and giving good advice to all of the younger Princesses who are just finding their way
3. Never having to give up anything — from her dreams, to her fish tail, to her beloved Swarovski pumps — for her Prince, because she already has her own castle

2. Princess Fitness

This Princess would be all about nutrition, living a balanced…

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