Run Intos

“I just realized, when it comes to guys, I always run into the wrong ones.”

I just said the understatement of the year. Why? Because it is so true that it has a really deep meaning embedded into it. For instance, just this afternoon I ran into my ex-fling and it was a bit of a shocker to us both because we live far from each other. We both did not expect to see each other on such a random rainy day. You know that feeling that when you run intoman ex, you get so agitated not because you still like/love them but because YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE THEM ANYMORE just because they’re part of the once upon a time and you want to keep them there. Oh karma is such a bitch most of the time, isn’t she? To be honest, if you know me personally you’d think i’m lying when I tell you the run intos that i have been experiencing because they seem like the type that only happens in movies. And that is not an overstatement. I swear. Oh what a funny shitty afternoon.


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