School Stress

Once again the useless anxiety is building up inside me. I want to graduate college this year. I want to go out and work so I can have money for travel and all those things I want to do. They say people should go through hell first before they get what they deserve. Well, I have been in hell for so long that I am sure I deserve to get this. I worked hard for it. Problem is: I doubt myself. Happens to everyone, I guess? I want it to stop because I am tired of doubting myself. I know what I can do but I am tired of always lying to myself that I’m okay. In the past, it worked, I lied my way out of misery. But this time, my mind is blank. It is empty. Nothingness at its pure form. I guess I have outgrown lying to myself about my feelings but then what’s next for me now?


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