19 Things You Need To Stop Over-Thinking

Thought Catalog


1. Whether or not you love someone. It should not be a mystery to unveil. At the end of the day, you either do or you don’t. You know the answer, whether or not you’re conscious of it. Over-thinking it because you don’t want to accept that answer is where you enter the grey area.

2. If the love you have is the love you want forever. You don’t have to know right now! There is no timeline for these things; only the one that society has created and somehow makes us feel terrible for not following. There is no point at which you have to be sure of life-long decisions, in fact, some people never are. They’re too definitive to not go in with a bit of uncertainty. Let yourself have it, but don’t beat it to a pulp. Letting yourself sink in that uncertainty will never lead to…

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