Exploring Negative Emotions

And this is just right for me…at least tonight it is.

Thought Catalog

I love exploring negative emotions, specifically those that arises from sad and/or helpless situations in life. Being born in Singapore, everyone tries their best to make the safest decisions in life, abiding by the invisible rules that society deems as the norm.

I feel that I can relate to these sad stories the most, having made not the wisest decisions I should. I am born in a developed country, not poor, stupid, or disadvantaged in any aspect at all. I have a perfectly loving and functional family, score good grades and could have gotten by life pretty easily. Yet, I’ve been through living on my own scraping by the few dollars I had, met the worst people and been through the worst situations I can ever imagine, all before I hit 20.

However, I feel that these negative emotions might just be the most treasured in my whole life. Happiness…

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