13 Things I’ve Learned So Far In 2013

And yes, I can totally agree. 🙂

Thought Catalog

1. The most important people in your life may not text you daily or like every photo you put on Facebook, but in the worst moments they will be there the quickest and stay the longest.

2. I would not wish a visit to hospice on my worst enemy.

Death is ugly and disgusting and scary. Don’t ever let someone fool you – there is nothing dignified or graceful about death.

3. Nothing else matters at death’s front door though.

Not your job title or your salary or your outfit or the car you drove – if you have a room full of loved ones to hold your hand and watch you go, you are a rich person. Love is really the only thing that matters.

4. The best of friends rally around you.

They will take you to the zoo for your 22nd birthday. They will text you something…

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