Raw Moments

Sept 14 2013_Fotor_Collage

So yesterday (September 13, 2013; Friday the 13th), I bought my Canon Powershot A2500. I finally got it for two reasons: 1) I PASSED MY MAJOR 2) It’s my early birthday gift to myself. So you see, I felt like celebrating my life because I just got back from hell, figuratively. With thesis in my future, I know my life will be a lot harder than it already is and I want to document it as colorful as possible.

Truth is, I have a DSLR and it is really helpful but I want a smaller one, something I can bring anywhere. However, I want it to be ‘like me’. So I told myself: a camera that is like me will be something like a toy camera because with toy cameras, you can’t edit what you shot, you know? Like you get the photo raw and whatever color you chose, you chose. I am probably not making sense to most people but some will get it. Those photography lovers, those photographers, they’ll get it. Sometimes you want to take photos because you love the art and the colors that it produces. Sometimes, you want to take a photo of something for the sake of saving the moment and for the sake of time travel. You see, for me photographs can bring me back to those days, those moments that has already passed. They’re my instant ticket to a getaway.

So here’s to the start of a colorful journey! I hope I meet a lot of strangers out there. See ya when me and my camera travels the globe. 🙂

P.S. The only girl in this collage is me. Yes, I’m Asian and no, I’m not Chinese. I’m Filipino. Haha


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