Clothes and Slim Down

September 17, 2013

Two years ago I had a back injury (because of my scoliosis) that had me taking STEROIDS. Those little puffer medicines made me blow up like a balloon and I was seriously depressed during those days for two reasons: 1) I can’t walk–hell, I can’t do cardio. I was only allowed to do light yoga and pilates every day. 2) I WAS GAINING WEIGHT. But then I was persistent (now I know) about losing all the weight and getting to walk properly again so I gave myself a break (mostly because I know that sulking will get me nowhere). Told myself I can get through this repeatedly until I believed it wholeheartedly. After a year, my hard work paid off; I was able to walk PROPERLY again, I got better in yoga and pilates, I can do cardio, I WAS BACK TO LOSING WEIGHT! Of course it took me quite sometime to lose the weight. I hit several plateaus and tried SEVERAL diets until one day I realized what works for me. The Kind Diet, Mediterranean Women Stay Slim Too and French Women Don’t Get Fat diets helped me deal with my allergies and my bad eating habits and since it tells me to enjoy food, I was able to slowly not eat the crap stuff. Exercising daily, any kind of exercise–whatever I feel like doing because restriction activates my rebel side and I end up being so pressured and more stressed.  So now, September 2013, I am proud of myself because I know that I did my part. FINALLY after how many years, I am able to actually fit into a UK 8 shorts (from UK 12). You see, that’s my basis, if I’m fitting into clothes I like and if I’m sliding in my old clothes then I know I’m doing something right. I (honestly) don’t believe in pounds/kilograms because I do weights and having muscles will make you heavy– just look at those hot dancers out there, they might be over their BMI  but they sure are healthy and has more muscles than fat.

Till next time, Rica ❤


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