Got The Itchy Feet

Itchy Feet


Last September 18, 2013 my friends and I went to Balay Indang. It’s an awesome restaurant in Indang, Cavite (Philippines). It’s got all those cool stuff that when put together creates this vintage ambiance. I would show you all the photos but I’d drift away from my topic if I do. The food was GREAT in case you’re wondering.

We walked around, joked every minute of it. It was euphoric and one for the books, definitely. It made me realize that my life, the places I would visit, I won’t have them forever unless I take a shot of it. Unless I take a shot of something that could bring me back to that time, back to that moment when I felt alive and myself, it will be lost.

To know that my heart will always be somewhere else, I don’t think I will ever be contended of staying here. Now I feel like my ultimate goal in life is to sojourn– to meet people, understand different cultures and really see the world. I wonder though, if I focus on it so much, would it come true? Or my destiny has already been written? And what I am doing now is simply following the manual. I hope God feels like I deserve this traveling and living in another country because that’s all I could really do, you know?


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