Call It Piyo

So my aunt sent me a BBM asking what exercise I do, and for a minute I stopped and thought hard about it. Then I realized I cannot explain what I actually do. I mean, yes I do Pilates and Yoga on a daily basis because I’m still traumatized by my back injury years ago; I do cardio but my cardio ranges from jumping jacks to dancing in my room, and I am too embarrassed to tell her that. So I just decided to tell her I do PiYo (Pilates and Yoga fusion). Piyo if you search for it is a fusion of pilates and yoga. Basically, it’s the more flexible kind of pilates and yoga and is therefore,  suitable for those people who easily get bored. Like me.

I dunno if this helps but for what it’s worth, it’s actually fun to do. You should give a try!

P.S. I think I just found my mantra “Slim down, tone up, shape up yourself inside out.”




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