Series and Music, The Best Mix

Reign Season 1

I have always loved it when a show leads me to the perfect songs. They come hand in hand, a good scene can only be better with the perfect music (and silence is still music, FYI). Take The Vampire Diaries, that series gave birth to A MILLION good songs; and before that, we had One Tree Hill, this one introduced music to my heart. For me, life would be boring and meaningless without a soundtrack. I couldn’t imagine going by a day without listening to even just one song.

Now, until I watched Reign, the only series that I’m able to relate to and loved the music so much is One Tree Hill. I love how One Tree Hill gave birth to Naley and the amazing development of the characters. And now, I love Reign, because though it’s in a different era and I am no queen, the emotions, the problems, love…everything is relatable. The music transcends you, the story opens your eyes to history, the script leaves you in awe and the characters are like little mirrors that reflect who you are and what you truly feel inside. It is such an amazing show that I wish everyone would notice. It’s not just three kids playing kings and queens. It’s more than that; it’s a show with fiery emotions that when lit, can awe and burn.



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