Decision of The Foolish

Today, the last day of May, I have decided to not make love the top priority. Now when I say love, I mean being in a romantic relationship with someone, going on dates, having those firsts— the whole thing. I have decided to do such not because I’m bitter about not finding it and continuously being disappointed and hurt by different guys. I decided because right now, I am wondering about my future. MY FUTURE meaning what the fuck are my real dreams? Where the hell would I end up in? How the hell will I end up there? and of course, what on earth is the life that I actually deserve? Stuff like that are far more important to me right now. If love comes, then I am grateful. But if it doesn’t, then I’m okay with it. I have decided from now and until whenever, I will focus on myself and my dogs. I want to figure out myself; I want to be successful and my best friend said that success is all in our attitude, all in our heads. If we believe we’ll succeed then for sure we will. What does success mean for you? —now that is my starting point.

So goodbye for now, I shall define my kind of success. I challenge you to do yours.




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