Sad Photograph

Word: Sad

Definition: …

In photography there is a billion ways to define “sad”. You see, there could be a million photos to describe one emotion. And for me, it’s a girl wearing a shirt and jeans staring blankly at the horizon as if there’s a spectacle to be seen. It’s a girl drawing on her pad trying to get lost in her doodle, which she wants to call distraction. It’s a girl lying down on her bed late at night, looking up at the ceiling, and thinking about how everything was easier when all she had were boy problems. It’s a girl wishfully thinking to go back to just those boy problems. It’s a girl whose heart aches for distant places she’s never laid her eyes on. It’s a girl who cannot describe how she feels about this guy she doesn’t know if she met. It’s a girl confused of which path to take, if it’s better to have a detour or just abandon the path all together. It’s a girl who, above all else, want to understand herself. It’s a girl who acknowledges the hurt she caused her parents. It’s a girl who is trying to figure out how to solve the problem without having to say an apology because in her heart she would’ve done the same thing again if given a do-over. It’s a girl judged by the old generation. It’s a girl holding back the tears that are so willing to escape her eyes. It’s a girl who can smile despite all her problems. It’s a girl trying to define her feelings but no language seems to capture it so perfectly.

It’s me.


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