71 Simple British Slang Phrases Everyone Should Start Using

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Are you feeling a bit knackered or fagged today, internet, and need something to be gobsmacked by? Then rest your zonked peepers on these 71 simple British phrases (compiled fromslangdictionaries). Some are common, some are out of use, but all of them you will want to start using immediately. Gretchen Wieners once advocated that everyone start saying “fetch,” but don’t stop there. Don’t be a tosser. Use them all.

And just remember: be very careful when you ask a British person how their father is. You know not what you’re asking.

1. Any road: used in place of “any way,” primarily used in the north of Britain.

2. Baccy: shortened word for “tobacco;” also, “wacky backy” means marijuana.

3. Barmy: crazy, insane; always derogatory.

4. Bender: derogatory term for homosexual, like “poof.” (Note: You probably shouldn’t use it or you’ll get slapped, but it’s…

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Got The Itchy Feet

Itchy Feet


Last September 18, 2013 my friends and I went to Balay Indang. It’s an awesome restaurant in Indang, Cavite (Philippines). It’s got all those cool stuff that when put together creates this vintage ambiance. I would show you all the photos but I’d drift away from my topic if I do. The food was GREAT in case you’re wondering.

We walked around, joked every minute of it. It was euphoric and one for the books, definitely. It made me realize that my life, the places I would visit, I won’t have them forever unless I take a shot of it. Unless I take a shot of something that could bring me back to that time, back to that moment when I felt alive and myself, it will be lost.

To know that my heart will always be somewhere else, I don’t think I will ever be contended of staying here. Now I feel like my ultimate goal in life is to sojourn– to meet people, understand different cultures and really see the world. I wonder though, if I focus on it so much, would it come true? Or my destiny has already been written? And what I am doing now is simply following the manual. I hope God feels like I deserve this traveling and living in another country because that’s all I could really do, you know?

Brunch and Rain

I felt the hands of my mom racking me out of bed at 5 in the morning. “Check if you still have class. It’s flooding in Manila,” she said. I was half awake so I got my ipod and checked twitter (how convenient this website is). There was no update regarding school so I decided on the spot that I didn’t have school. Turns out it was a smart move since they cancelled school round 6 am. After solving that problem, I had my alarm set for 7 am then I went back to bed. I woke up: 8:30 am. So much for 7! This weather is making me lie-in. Anyway, I took care of our dogs till 9 am and after, I took a bath. I got my oatmeal out of the fridge, added a few cereals (because I love the combo) and my favorite Kirkland soy milk. Now, this is morning. 

The Differences Between Being Hungry, Horny, Sleepy & Bored

And here’s the truth, I’m the BORED girl. HAHA this post is entertaining.

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The Differences Between Being Hungry, Horny, Sleepy & Bored

You can have a $25 giftcard to anywhere you’d like.

Hungry: The nearest fast food joint.
Do strip clubs do gift cards? No? Ha, I was totally kidding anyway – Hooters it is.
Can I just decide after this nap?
How far will $25 get me at Disneyland? Damn, um, maybe a gas card so I can venture out. Ooh, actually, Walmart! That will be entertaining.

Your ideal Starbucks order right now would consist of:

Hungry: Fourteen cake pops.
Horny: Flirtatiously asking the barista for their recommendation so you can tell them how good it is, regardless of how mediocre it actually tastes.
Sleepy: Something with several caffeine shots.
Bored: Asking for details about various coffee beans and the structure of that overpriced thermos for sale, just so someone will interact with you for a bit.

Your mom calls. You react by:

Hungry: Asking her to describe…

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Clothes and Slim Down

September 17, 2013

Two years ago I had a back injury (because of my scoliosis) that had me taking STEROIDS. Those little puffer medicines made me blow up like a balloon and I was seriously depressed during those days for two reasons: 1) I can’t walk–hell, I can’t do cardio. I was only allowed to do light yoga and pilates every day. 2) I WAS GAINING WEIGHT. But then I was persistent (now I know) about losing all the weight and getting to walk properly again so I gave myself a break (mostly because I know that sulking will get me nowhere). Told myself I can get through this repeatedly until I believed it wholeheartedly. After a year, my hard work paid off; I was able to walk PROPERLY again, I got better in yoga and pilates, I can do cardio, I WAS BACK TO LOSING WEIGHT! Of course it took me quite sometime to lose the weight. I hit several plateaus and tried SEVERAL diets until one day I realized what works for me. The Kind Diet, Mediterranean Women Stay Slim Too and French Women Don’t Get Fat diets helped me deal with my allergies and my bad eating habits and since it tells me to enjoy food, I was able to slowly not eat the crap stuff. Exercising daily, any kind of exercise–whatever I feel like doing because restriction activates my rebel side and I end up being so pressured and more stressed.  So now, September 2013, I am proud of myself because I know that I did my part. FINALLY after how many years, I am able to actually fit into a UK 8 shorts (from UK 12). You see, that’s my basis, if I’m fitting into clothes I like and if I’m sliding in my old clothes then I know I’m doing something right. I (honestly) don’t believe in pounds/kilograms because I do weights and having muscles will make you heavy– just look at those hot dancers out there, they might be over their BMI  but they sure are healthy and has more muscles than fat.

Till next time, Rica ❤


Sisters 2013


My sister (the one in yellow) and I used to hate each other to the core when we were still younger. But now that she’s in high school and I’m about to finish college, we got close. We now like almost the same things (except for boys, I must say she’s smarter than me in that area). The usual banterings and shoutings are still there but at the end of the day, we know we’re sisters. We would hate each other and love each other, it’s the ‘sisters cycle’ I guess. Truth be told, I’m thankful I have her because I can’t imagine my life without having that one person who would dream out loud with me until we just fall asleep.

13 Things I’ve Learned So Far In 2013

And yes, I can totally agree. 🙂

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1. The most important people in your life may not text you daily or like every photo you put on Facebook, but in the worst moments they will be there the quickest and stay the longest.

2. I would not wish a visit to hospice on my worst enemy.

Death is ugly and disgusting and scary. Don’t ever let someone fool you – there is nothing dignified or graceful about death.

3. Nothing else matters at death’s front door though.

Not your job title or your salary or your outfit or the car you drove – if you have a room full of loved ones to hold your hand and watch you go, you are a rich person. Love is really the only thing that matters.

4. The best of friends rally around you.

They will take you to the zoo for your 22nd birthday. They will text you something…

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