In A Rut

So I didn’t pass thesis this term meaning I will take it again next term. Like how crappy can that get? What must I do to finish college? Been there done that, still the same result though. Am I a failure? Because if I am, I’d like to know now so I would stop trying […]

As The Daughter…

My parents are one of those traditional Asian parents where they do not want their kids speaking their minds. They HATE the fact that we have an opinion. And honestly, THAT IS JUST SO WRONG. They’re afraid of fights and that sucks because fights make a bond strong, doesn’t it? This is what I envy […]

I Forgot?

Lately I’ve been busy with school and with thinking about school, seriously those two are too connected. Anyway, ever since school started, I just can’t seem to make time for anything that involves people in them. Yes, I talk to my best friends but it’s not the same. Like this time, I just want to […]